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I'm a sociologist and ethnographer who earned my PhD in 2023 from Cornell University. My research interests include race and ethnicity, the criminal legal system, and schools.

My current work explores the nexus of race, place, and punishment in schooling in the Black Belt. Based on over a year of in-depth ethnography at a middle school in the Louisiana Delta, I explore how cultural, political, and historical factors intersect to shape the disciplinary climate and experiences of Black students in school.

Before Cornell, ​I spent 4 years as a Research Analyst at Westat, a social science research firm in Rockville, MD, and also worked in research and evaluation at education nonprofits, including Facing History and Ourselves and Big Brother Big Sister of America.

I grew up in a small town in Maine, and then worked my way down the East Coast, pursuing my BA at Emmanuel College and a Master of Public Health from Drexel University, where my work focused on racial health disparities. 

When I'm not working on manuscripts or crunching on Takis with middle school students, you can find me listening to 90s neosoul, being the most amateur of photographers, making a mess in the kitchen, and training my nieces and nephews in the art of a well placed side eye.

An old picture of Meaghan, around age 5, sitting on a low wall with relaxed posture and one leg tucked under her. She's wearing a yellow t shirt and has on oversized sunglasses.
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