Prepare & Punish:

Schooling and Discipline in the Black Belt

Dissertation Project

Based on over a year of in-depth participant observation at a small, rural middle school in the Louisiana Delta, this project explores how schooling and discipline are influenced by political, social, and cultural factors at the nexus of place and race in the Black Belt.

Ethnographic data collection in progress.

Views on Discipline: Teacher Perspectives

Using data collected from interviews with 26 middle school teachers in a small Northeastern city, this project explores the myriad factors that shape teacher perceptions of discipline and district approaches in a low-suspension district.

Paper in progress.

Systems and Schools Study

s2 study

Principal Investigator: Anna Haskins

Role: Graduate Lead Research Assistant

This project explores how schools inhibit or promote institutional engagement among families involved with the criminal justice, child welfare, and immigration enforcement systems.

Data analysis in progress.