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I work with organizations to understand their challenges and opportunities, design strategies to create change, tell their stories,

and evaluate impact.

For years, I've consulted with global organizations across academic, nonprofit, and corporate sectors on diversity, equity, and inclusion and social impact strategies.  

But I've also worked within. 

So I know firsthand the challenges of assessing organizations, managing stakeholders with diverse perspectives, and juggling policies, legal and privacy considerations, local nuances, and change management. I know making recommendations without considering feasibility, resourcing, or readiness just flat out doesn't work - and can sometimes create greater resistance to change.

That's why we partner.

We'll figure out an approach and solutions together - options that are tailored to your organization. There's no one size fits all. 

Understanding company culture and employee experience

From employee listening sessions to surveys to comprehensive practice and policy reviews, we co-design the right approach to understanding strengths, needs, and opportunities to further drive collaboration, inclusion, equity, and engagement at organizations. 

Mapping a path forward

When organizations have a good sense of current needs and challenges but want an outside partner to think with, we bring curiosity, questions, and ideas to iterate. Our focus is on finding strategies that suit organizations' specific stage of development and resources.  

Resources & reports

Using expertise developed through both research and practice, we help audiences understand essential content in a tone and approach tailored to the organization. This includes resources like glossaries, fact sheets, best practice overviews, 'how-to' guides for managers, and more. We also help with DEI and ESG reports.

Need something else?

Just reach out. These are just a few of the most common ways that I collaborate with organizations, but there's so many ways we can build.

let's talk.

Thanks for reaching out! I'll be in touch.

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